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Hi guys,

SO, after searching for an integrated backup camera system for a few months, I came across these guys which I ended up contacting and order eventually about 2 months ago MAINLY because of price and they had a tailgate handle camera upgrade feature (no drilling :p)

Link below:

BMW 3 SERIES OEM Integrated Backup Camera System

It honestly looked to good to be true at first. I have a 2013 328i and wanted and OEM backup camera without paying that $2,000 OEM dealer price. I livechatted then and when I was ready, called to confirm everything would work and placed the order. The total WITH the tailgate handle camera came out to $574.00 and that's with FREE SHIPPING. No other online company could match this price.

Installation I actually pulled off myself although I don't recommend it. It was a hassle removing the stereo system itself but replacing my tailgate for their's which had the camera built in was fairly simple. Basically, this is an interface module kit. I connected LCD in/out, connected the main power harness which directly connected to my radio, connected their AV cable (which also had 3 extra AV inputs that you could add frontal or side cameras to but I haven't done so yet) and power/ground the unit and camera and it was ready to go.

Once I installed everything, I turned it on and got a black screen when in reverse which got me a little....:mad: BUT, then I called them right away and the tech guy told me to unplug the interface power, switch DIP #5 down, plug power back in and BAM! It was perfect.

Not only did I get the backup camera view I wanted but I even got Dynamic Parking Lines that move with my steering wheel which was awesome. I'll be honest, the installation guide they sent was very vague and had a bunch of information I didn't need at all for the backup camera installation. I had to call them twice just to clarify things. I'd recommend taking it to an installation shop unless you have the trim removing tools the basically tools to remove the radio without damaging anything.

Overall, amazing product because it's been working great for the past 2 months and AMAZING PRICE given that the BimmerTech charges $699 and idk if they include a tailgate handle camera and all other companies were even more expensive and I couldn't even reach them by the phone number listed.

Let me know if you guys need help with the install. It took me an afternoon to do it but I'll be more than happy to help.
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