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I'm getting a new system for my car, its a 318i no professional sound or nothing, heres what i wan't to know, i've read alot about noise problems due to alternator whine etc etc. I intend to run 4 new high quality speaker leads from the speaker outputs of my bmw business radio down to the rear of the car. Which is the best method to run them down through the center console and under the carpet or over to the passanger side of the car through the dash, and down through the sills, to the trunk.

The reason i'm thinking of running them through the middle is so that the won't be anywhere near the new speaker cables running to the front of the car on each side below the sills and into the doors....

Also would i be right in saying that the speaker sizes are as fullows,For a 00 318i, just to be 100 percent sure...

5.25ins or 13cm
Front tweeter
0.75ins to 1ins
Rear (fullrange)
6.5ins or 16.5cm

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