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Hey guys, hopefully there are some people on this forum who have had experience with diesel powered bmw's.

Little backstory:

Was drifting with my friend couple of days ago (Read was snowing heavily) everything was good, we're having a good time when in the end the car kinda straightened/spun and i rode up the curb, car was exterior wise all good snowy but intact, reversed back on the road and the double checked everything was all good underneath the car didn't see anything no oil or nothing dripping, then after checking the car out i got back in the car and started driving it off until suddenly i saw that my oil light was flashing, turned the car off quickly and talked to my friend/googled it and read it was sign off "Low oil pressure".

So my questions are would it be possible that when i drove up the curb mind that the curb wasn't big or anything somehow the jump/knock/curb could have destroyed my oil pump? The car has around 312k and the last oil change was done by me around 309k, around 1k more and then i would have done another oil change.

Also i do have INPA and the cable but for somereason i cannot check the oil pressure reading, like i don't see anything anywhere where i can check it, googled it and it have me an answer like from main menu F6/F6/F2, but for me i don't have anything past the first F6 only goes to F3 and thats it. INPA is 5.0.6 (think it's the latest). Or maybe you have some other ideas how i can check the oil pressure maybe ISTA+?

And third question is there any other OE or OEM manufacturers for the oil pump? Only what i have found so far is from a reseller it's around 400€ + shipping and they need to order it so i guess it comes from the dealer in Germany and i could take couple of weeks. I wouldn't wanna put a used oil pump in the car. Since the reasearch that i have done there are no refurb kit's for the oil pump? I could get a used one for around 55€.

Is there anything would you guys also recommend checking or replacing when i'm down there? Since i will need to raise the engine, lower the subframe etc. My friend told me who called another friend who has let's say been dealing with M57 a lot do check rod bearing's if it has done damage etc. Any tips would be grateful.
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