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ok everyone... here's a head scratcher.

Model: 2001 BMW 330xi E46 M54


After at least 20-30 minutes, the car starts with no problems, and holds no history of there ever having been a problem, except for a very upset customer.

Now before everyone start adding 3 fennings worth of advice and asking questions... some technical background.

1st Technician with 40 years experience on European Cars.
2nd Technician with 15 years experience on BMW.

ok, moving along... after the 20-30 minute waiting period... THE CAR ACTS AS THOUGH THERE NEVER HAS BEEN A FAULT. ALL SYSTEMS NORMAL. No codes, no warning lights, nothing to indicate that a NO START condition existed... and of course, with this information in mind, a very irate customer screaming bloody murder before morning coffee has even finnished brewing in the perk.

** The Basics have all been covered.**
Yes, the car has a good battery.
Yes, the car has fuel.
Yes, there is air in the tires. etc.

Immobilizer System?

ok, scratch your heads and have fun with this one.

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It`s always a good idea to start off with the most basic stuff first, like double-checking the battery (with a load test, not just a voltmeter) to make sure it`s up to the task....
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