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BMW 335i 6MT- Ultimate Manual Shifter Upgrade Thread!!!

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So my E92 335i 6MT has about 120k miles on it now. Its basically all stock except for a few small upgrades.

Related to shifting area, i have:

- 335iS motor mounts
- E46 M3 Trans. Mounts

Mys shifter bottom line is sloppy. i have some side to side play & front to back play in/out of gear. Shifting is fine, just not as precise as i want it.

So basically i want to upgrade every part of this.

So i was thinking:

-OEM BMW ZHP Weighted Shift Knob
-UUC EVO3 Short Shift Kit or OEM SSK Arm in place fo stock arm
-UUC DSSR - gear selector rod
-ECS Tuning Teflon Shifter Bushings - Oval?

All NEW OEM Bushings, pins, hardware, misc parts..

A question i had was do i still need the ECS Tuning Teflon Oval Shift Bushings if i'm going with a UUC SSK & UUC DSSR?

While im in there:
NEW OEM BMW UPDATED Aluminum/Rubber Guibo "Flex" Disc
New OEM Driveshaft Center Support Assembly

My question is what are you thoughts/feedback on the mods i have plnned? What can i do, that maybe you've done to improve upon this even further. Maybe you would go with a totally different setup or different brand parts? let me know!! Also how about the question of needing the oval teflon shifter bushings with a full UUC ssk/dssr kit. Anything else i should check/replace while i'm in there...??

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I personally think you're over-doing it.

Get a factory bushing and replace your worn out piece. Pick up the ZHP shift knob as well and put it on (because it is truly awesome).

If you still feel the need to modify the shifting setup after trying these two inexpensive and simple things, then go for it.
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