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I bought a 420d Gran Coupe in mid-March.

In the first couple of weeks there were intermittent problems starting up after a short journey break.

With my foot on the brake (auto box) and pressing the Start button, the dash lights came on but the engine didn't fire up. There was no cranking sound that might indicate a problem with the crankshaft location sensor. The battery is fine.

The car would get going again after a few more attempts.

Then, the problem disappeared until yesterday.

I started the car and moved off, saw an I-Drive message telling me the car was ready to drive and to move the shift from P to D... but I was already on the move.

Pulled over and thought re-starting would clear the message. Again, it took several attempts before the engine fired up.

It's all the more a nuisance because of the randomness. I suspect fault codes won't show up, and in all probability the behaviour won't happen in a workshop.

Anyone else experienced this and have thoughts about the cause?
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