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BMW 528i SE Auto (Triptronic) E39 1996 - 74,000miles - £2550

Colour - Black Metallic
Interior - Grey Leather with Graphite trim
Service History - Full
Last service - 07/04/13 @ 71,234 miles
MOT's: December 1st 1999, November 18th 2000, December 1st 2001, November 30th 2002, December 6th 2003, December 6th 2004, November 7th 2007, May 22nd 2009, May 31st 2011, July 30th 2012, July 12th 2013

She's truly a magnificent example of a car that is fast becoming a classic. Most BMW purists will say this '5' shape, the E39, is the best one so far. Please do not read on if you cannot be amazed by such a wonderful piece of Bavarian machinery. You will not find many of these cars in such superb condition, especially for the year and even for much younger models - the enthusiasts among you will already know this. View the photo gallery and see for yourself. Beautiful unmarked leather interior (which I have "fed" with leather feed 4 times a year, every year) .Immaculate both inside & out and absolutely no undue rattles, sqeeks or bangs.

Born on October 18th 1996. A BMW 528i SE Auto (Triptronic) E39, this car was originally registered to a company director who used her for travelling up and down the motorway. He managed to accumulate 38,956 miles in 3 years. At that point he traded her in at Stephen James BMW in Enfield (North London), and that's when I feasted my eyes on her and took ownership on December 4th 1999. I therefore have owned her for just over 14 years.

Since then I really have mollycoddled her. Kept her serviced regularly by a qualified mechanic who knows everything there is to know about these cars. I've watered, oiled and polished her regularly. She has lived mainly in the garage during my time with her, which shows when you see the mileage now, which is just under 74,000 miles. That's an average of around 2,500 very careful miles per year since I've owned her (and I promise I have never driven her hard). Some years she's done even less than that! Some of the time she has been declared SORN, off the road due to me not using her at all. Some years I've MOT'd her just for the sake of getting her checked over and then she went straight back in the garage. My wife says that most of the mileage I've accumulated is probably through taking the car for MOT's and getting her in and out of the garage to wash and polish her!

I didn't even lose faith in her when she contracted that dreadful Nikasil problem a lot of these cars are prone to, where the engine bores wear prematurely. Google it, you'll find loads of stuff about it on the net. (Watch out when buying cars like this - Ask if this has been corrected - THE ENGINE BLOCK ACTUALLY NEEDS TO BE REPLACED) I kept my faith in her even when she had a lumpy tick over, lack of power due to the problem, and every time I started her up she would fill the garage and the street up with smoke due to burning oil. Cost me a fortune in oil to keep topping her up.

So I had her engine block replaced for a Cast Iron one at Cooks Ferry Engineering, specialist & approved BMW firm in North London. And, since then she is really well again. Cost me £1,222.51 to put her right again, but I swear she was worth it as she drives as good as she looks again - like new :). This was done on 28 October 2008 at 61230 miles. I have the Invoice to show the work has been done. ***PLEASE NOTE, I HAVE RECENTLY DISCOVERED THAT ALPINA USED TO DO THIS ENGINE BLOCK CONVERSION ON THESE CARS TOO, WHICH EXPLAINS THE REASON COOKS FERRY DID IT THIS WAY ALSO, SINCE IT MAKES FOR A MUCH STRONGER ENGINE.****

Other things done along the way: Mechanically nothing major apart from the engine problem. I had to renew the Viscous Fan Coupling once. The rear suspension springs had to be replaced due to one side the coil broke, so I replaced both sides anyway. Later I had to change the Thermostat & Housing. The Power Steering Pump stopped working once and I had it changed.

Cosmetically, I've done a few things though. I had the windows blacked (or Privacy Glass as it's known). I fitted new alloy wheels which are in superb condition except just one which has been kerb scuffed but is not unrepairable. I changed the body mouldings from the original ones with chrome tops to the all-black ones you see in the photos - these cost me new around £230.00 at Cooks Ferry. I had the "M" Tech rear boot lip spoiler fitted and upgraded the chrome kidney grills to the later facelift ones, again purchased new. I changed out the rear lights to the later crystal facelift ones and the front lights to the later facelift ones with the Angel Eyes.

All in all she passes for a much younger model, especially due to the condition she's in. She has no bits missing and everything works as it should do, and that includes the rain sensor on the windscreen and rear parking sensors. The OBD works properly with NO pixels missing - I am led to believe this goes quite often. The original radio aerial which is coupled to the heated rear screen element still works. The heated electric dimming mirrors still work. The dimming rear view mirror still works. The heated front screen washers and the power headlamp washers still work. The outside temperature sensor works correctly. I am told all these things can stop working sometimes with age especially if not treated properly. All 4 original foot mats are still there and in excellent condition as they should be. You'd be surprised how many I've seen with those missing, The original CD multichanger AND 6 disc stack are both still there and working as they should. The electric windows still work as they should and that also goes for the heating and ventilation systems. In fact, all the electrics on this car work exactly as they should - without fail, and everything that should be there is, exactly where it should be and working properly. Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention; this car has NEVER been smoked in.

The sample leather swatch is also still in the glove box and so is the torch. I'm just trying to impress upon you how complete she is.
I still have all the original documentation in the original BMW leather wallet, which is an archive for every MOT she has been through and as much as possible any money I've spent on her. I even have both keys, and the reason I'm saying this is because you'd be surprised how many cars there are being sold out there with only one key and that's not good. It costs around £200.00 to buy a new key from BMW and have it programmed for your '5' and you have to give your car in to them for a day to do it. I know this because I drove over one of my keys in the garage once and had to go and buy a new one from Stephen James. The squashed one was disposed of properly. I am told that when I purchased the car from Stephen James BMW I should have also been given 2 other keys also (some sort of back up / service keys), but I was never given these. I actually didn't know about this until 25/11/11, and because I originally purchased the car from a reputable BMW agent and didn't know about it anyway, of course I've never questioned it. Following what I was told I did telephoned Stephen James BMW and they said that "it is not always the case"......whatever that means!.

I'm just trying to impress upon you how much of a fantastic example this car is. She drives like new too. She truly is in absolutely mint condition, with the exception of a small scratch on the off side rear corner of the bumper. And she has NEVER been in an accident.

There is a lot of car here for the money. ***Viewing of this car is strongly recommended***

Ok, I think I've covered everything here but please feel free to PM me. But I'm not a car "techie" so please go easy on me.

I am open to sensible offers round £2,550 GBP as long as they are actually sensible. This car is truly a magnificent example, Please, no timewasters. DO NOT come here thinking you will go away with a cheap car as this will not happen. If a cheap car is what you want then might I suggest you look elsewhere and take your chances, but please bare everything I have said above in mind.

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