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Bmw 535i - 2012 - Noise from steering wheel

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Hello bimmer fans, experts:

I wanted to get your opinion on one of the issues I noticed with my BMW, its a 2012 535i with 35,000 miles on it (I bought it as a cpo 6 months back)

For the past two months I have noticed that my car steering makes a very faint grinding mixed squeaking noise when I turn the steering wheel to the left (and sometimes when I turn it right), it happens even when the car is not moving.

When I took my car for service last week, the adviser said that the car has a scratch mark at the sway bar on right side front and also right rim is bent a little bit (he also said that he wouldn't recommend me to get the rim changed because it is so minor). I might have run over some bad roads and bumps but don't even remember it.

Here is the catch, when I told the adviser about the steering wheel noise he told that since there is a scratch mark, it would need to go through insurance and not new car warranty, and he also said that the steering wheel noise was not observed by our technician (however when i took the adviser for a test drive he could hear it as well), so basically they returned the car to me as it is.

I have two questions:
1) What could be causing this noise? (its a very faint grinding/squeaking noise), how worried should i be about it?
2) Bmw dealership folks just shoved my problem away since they noticed that scratch, what to do about it?

Thanks in advance guys, this is the most reliable source for me for information, so thought of posting my question here.
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