Golden State Enthusiasts Hit Full-Throttle for Courses Starting October 3

Los Angeles, CA - September 28, 2006 - The BMW Performance Driving School based in Spartanburg, SC is introducing an alternative for West Coast enthusiasts with the 'need for speed'. High performance instruction at the California Speedway in Fontana is being offered as part of a new program, BMW on Location, designed to enhance the driving experience in a safe and fun environment. Course offerings include the One and Two-Day Teen Schools, One and Two-Day courses for adults emphasizing professional driving theory, and the California Performance Drive, also a one day school, ultra-heavy on power. The Golden State is the first stop on the BMW on Location nationwide tour. Courses are available for a limited time from October 3-15.

"BMW on Location gives us an opportunity to reach driving novices as well as ultimate auto enthusiasts who want to learn advanced driving techniques from our professional instructors," says Daniel Gubitosa, BMW Performance Center Manager. "The convenience of having access to premiere track facilities virtually in their own backyard, will add appeal for many customers."

BMW on Location, California Course Offerings:

* The California One-Day Teen School ($400) is intended for inexperienced drivers aged 15-19. Classroom theory and hands-on experience teach the basics of driving. From the relationship between speed and stopping distances and proper seating position to accident avoidance, the One-Day Teen School goes beyond the typical driver's ed course. Students must be at least 15 years old with a learner's permit or equivalent. BMW 3 Series models are primarily used.

* The California Two-Day Teen School ($700) goes a step further, introducing defensive driving and car control skills into the curriculum. The program is designed to make young drivers more confident and respond safely to real world situations every time they are behind the wheel. A variety of BMW models including the 3 Series and Z4 are used to help build an understanding of different vehicle dynamics. The cost is $700.

* The California One-Day School ($550) emphasizes professional driving theory with hands-on application. Exercises teaching accident avoidance maneuvers and car control skills are practiced in several areas including the skid pad, braking area, lane change, and slalom and autocross courses.

* The California Two-Day School ($895) picks up where the One-Day School ends. Participants spend more time in areas such as the ultra-slick skid pad and gain an in-depth understanding of BMW's active safety technology to become safer, more responsive drivers. A portion of the second day is spent in a variety of BMW models to demonstrate differences in vehicle dynamics.

* The California Performance Drive ($1,250) gives participants the opportunity to drive a variety of BMWs including the 333 horsepower SMG-equipped M3, the mighty M5 and all new 500 horsepower M6 on the interior road course. Drivers will spend half of their day on the interior track being challenged by the fast, sweeping corners and lower speed technical turns. The other half of the day is spent in the infield training areas including the skid pad, autocross, and high speed lane change and slalom areas.

For more information and to reserve your seat behind the wheel of BMW on Location or The BMW Performance Center Driving Schools call 888-345-4BMW (4269) or visit