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BMW Apple CarPlay for EntryNav2 and EntryEVO

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Anyone of you interested in activating CarPlay for EntryNav2 and EntryEVO which has WiFi port on it?
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Can anyone please explain what coding it needs to enable CarPlay in entry Evo with wifi antenna port? Thanks
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Hey, I am but thought it was no longer possible since March 2020. Can it be done? Pls advice, thx
Untrue. 143 FSC Code can be ordered, now same as always.
I ll be more than happy to be wrong abt this, but I recall that for EntryNav2 with no factory navi option, BMW decided to stop issuing 143 fsc codes. If you believe it is still doable pls PM me and I'll send you my VIN, cheers)
It is doable if you also order Nav FSC Code at same time; however, this makes it incredibly expensive, and prohibitive to most.
haha, yes. so practically we are saying the same thing... But for the argument's sake how incredibly expensive is it?
Well, Possible but expensive versus not possible are two opposite things, and "practical" is relative term. I know many who CarPLay is a must for them, and they insist on OEM solution, and when you factor in cost over life of ownership, its actually palatable, just heavy on the Front End. :)

As for cost, for both FSC Codes, you are looking a double the CarPlay FSC Code cost. PM sent.
Hi, I have Entryevo in my bmw. It was manufactured in 2018. Don't know if it has wifi antenna or not. Can I activate apple CarPlay? thanks in advance
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I cant md you: [email protected] is my email please write me!
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Do you have a valid email?
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Can you please explain what coding it needs to enable CarPlay in entry Evo with wifi antenna port? Thanks
my email is: [email protected]
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I missed the email you sent me. can you send me one more time, reall thanks~
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Can you pls send PM? THX
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Hi! How can be activated Carplay on Entrynav2?
WiFi unit, no ATM.
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I've got a 2019 F20 LCI2 with Business Nav (HU_EntryNav2 and the ATM Module). I have both Nav/GPS & ConnectedDrive Services. I'm unsure if I have the WiFi port. Is CarPlay possible, and if so how complex is it to add it?
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I have 2 cars With entrynav2

can anyone help?
Thank you very much
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Could I get some info on Carplay activation on EntryNav2, please?

Thank you
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give me info also plz
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Hi, I have 328 LCI, and I have Entrynavy without navigation, is it possible to activate Carplay?
And also I want to know is possible to activate carplay for 430 2017, it has nbt id5 and how I can update it to id6?

Can me explain somebody?
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Can you please explain a little bit more about CarPlay on entrynav2 ? So if at Connected Drive store say Not possible, is it Right ?
PM please

Best regards
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This is my current setup. I recently purchased this Mini and I am interested in finding out more about Car Play for this setup:


Chassis: F55
Brand: MINI

Country: USA

iLevel: 1703507
Head Unit: EntryNav

Thank you in advance
I would love some help here.

f43 X1 EntryNav with "way" maps 2017-2

View attachment 1030096

I just want to know can I? If so how or how much.
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hello for 2018 with Road map Europe Way is posible Carplay?
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please your help , I need to activate Carply on my X1 VIN : wbaht710803d28833.
email : [email protected]
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