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BMW Apple CarPlay for EntryNav2 and EntryEVO

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Anyone of you interested in activating CarPlay for EntryNav2 and EntryEVO which has WiFi port on it?
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need to have enet cable first. The rest is know-how and coding skills.
Need also a PM. VIN A041176, Road Map Way, EntryNav2 with Wifi and plugged (I guess). Enet-Cable is on the way.
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I believe your entrynav will need an update before operation. If its not been updated since 2017.
Pm sent
Hello Elthox,

have the same issue, F48, EE27297, Road Map Way, Entrynav2 with wifi, Enet-Cable availible.
I assume I would first need to update Entrynav2?

I would like to have Carplay in my car.


It seems car is already updated in 2018 so should be fine for full screen.
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I am not sure how to verify if my head unit has wifi or not. It is probably EntryEvo (G20 without navigation). Can someone tell if I can activate carplay there?
reply me vin by pm.
Hallo i ask if its available to activate apple carplay for my bmw x1 ?
Do you have enet cable? For responding with 100% accuracy must check the car if has wifi port. May be checked with enet cable or physically by removing the unit.
I understand but some things need to be checked in car. if you want 100% accurate response, buy enet cable.
first thing make sure you have wifi port by checking behind unit.
1 - 8 of 377 Posts