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BMW Assist Problem UK

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I recently bought a 2009 e60 msport business edition.
Its a great car but I choose a car that had the bmw assist/bmw online feature.
Most of the time I drive the car I'm on my own so the emergency feature was appealing along with the ability to plan a detailed route in google maps and send to the car.
As the car/assist package was never registered before I bought it I have 3 years free subscription.
However I've only managed to use it a couple of times as most of the time when accessing any of the menus all the options are greyed out and "No Network" is displayed at the bottom left of the screen. Initially I called bmw uk customer service and was told the sim card was blocked. After this was resolved I still have the same issue. I have on about 3 occasions managed to get a map sent from google maps and once got onto the bmw online homepage.
On the few occasions that it does get a signal it tries to connect and fails.
It was going to be at the local dealer so i asked them to take a look at it. They have tested the system and say that it is ok but that the problem might lie with my phone. I was a little confused as I thought that the system worked by using it's on sim (t-mobile in the uk) and only if it couldn't get a signal it can use a bluetooth dun connection with an external phone.
I'm due to speak to the dealer tomorrow as I queried what my phone had to do with the car having a signal and not connecting and I would like to make sure I have the correct facts to hand when I call.

How does the system work? What part does my phone play in it? Do any of the services only use an external phone?

I would be grateful for all/any ideas and suggestions that anybody has on this.


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The system relies on a wireless data network in the car that is always on and connected to a local wireless carrier chosen by BMW in your region. The My BMW remote app on your phone of course relies on your phone's wireless data connection and then the Internet to get to BMW servers. BMW's servers authenticate you and then proxy commands to your car through the Internet and then finally BMW's wireless carrier to your car.

Any break in either your phone's wireless data connection or that of the car will result in a network error displayed on your phone. So you may be experiencing poor wireless data coverage for either your phone or your car in your particular geographic location.

Hi wmcilwain

Thanks for the reply , that is how I understood it.
I have uploaded an image showing the No Network message.
This doesn't explain the situation where the car has a signal but can't connect.
On the occasions that it has had a signal it has had 4 out of 5 bars on the display.
Without the car moving I don't understand how this would then not connect?




1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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