BMW connected drive combox retrofit

Did you lose access to ConnectDrive features when the 2G cellular system was disabled? Did BMW not offer a retrofit of your system because you didn't qualify? BMW has realized that many BMW owners want to have the ConnectedDrive systems enabled and are offer a paid retrofit option. This retrofit is only for BMW owners without an active BMW Assist subscription.

What is BMW ConnecteDrive and BMW Assist? Many advanced features on your BMW rely on the Combox for internet connectivity. The Combox that came with your car was based on the 2G network, which AT&T took off line at the end of 2016. The new Combox is 3G based and will provide years of service.

BMW Functionality that requires cell phone connectivity:
  • SOS/E-Calling including automatic crash notification
  • Concierge service
  • Remote service
  • Teleservices

You can reactivate the features above by purchasing a new next generation Combox and related hardware and reactivating your BMW Assist subscription for $199 per year. More information is available at

Installation time is approximately 1.5 hours and the required parts and part numbers are as follows:

BMW combox retrofit part numbers