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BMW e32 735i overheating

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Hi guys,

I'm new in this club so firstly I'd like to say hi to you all.

I'm an owner of a BMW e32 735i 1987 model. I love the car, but since I changed the coolant it has caused me some serious headache.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to change te coolant, before that I didn't have any overheating issues. I changed the coolant, bleeded the system, started the car and it overheated straight away. I tried to bleed it in a numerous ways (opening the bleeding screw, leaving the car on a ramp for overnight to get the air out, squeezed the hoses. Unfortunately nothing worked and the car kept overheathing.

I decided to change the thermostat, broke the thermostat housing along the way (replaced it).

I took the thermostat off and but the new housing cover on, bleeded the system. Drove the car after without a thermostat for about 40 kms, didn't overheat (temperature was a bit higher than it should have been, but not dangerously high).

So at first it seemed that it was a faulty thermostat, bought and installed a new one, bleeded the system, but car started to overheat straight away.

Then I checked the water pump, it's working propreply (took the hose off, pressed gas and coolant started flowing with a slow pressure).

Checked the radiator, its not blocked.

Also the heater is only blowing warm air from one side, maybe it's somehow connected?

Could it be that the head gasket is gone, or do you guys have any other suggestions?

Any help is highly appreciated.
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