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Hey guys,
I have got some strange problem with my car alarm. It just started 3 days ago. One of my key fob stopped working for some weird reason. I started using the other one and now the other one is not working as well.

Both of them flash and seem to be working but won't open or close the locks like they used to.

Also, luckily my car is immobilized so I can use the key to open the door and drive it without any problem but the immobilizer light (the LEDs in the car) won't flash anymore and looks like they are dead. Normally, when I used to use the keyfob to unlock the car the LED would stop flashing and only FLASHED (Blinked) when locked and immobilize.

Don't know what is the problem????

I have gone through the steps to reprogram the key fobs but to no avail.

The only procedure I have not done yet is REMOVING THE GLOVEBOX and accessing the unit one but before I do that, I want some ideas, suggestions and advices of what could be the problem.

Many thanks
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