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The first of many meets:

The BMW E38's Summer7's are getting together at Kingston, NY on August 4th, at 11 AM! (Saturday)

Let's get some concrete commitments, and a heavy turnout! As a fellow board member said;
"It is time for the east coast 7's to break bread, share stories, check out each others mods and have a good time."

Take the day off; set up a trip, this is going to be 'the' meet! Will be handing out the next issue of Summer7's newsletter there. The event will be at a parking lot right behind the 'Mariner's Harbor' restaurant ( and for those who have navigation, or mapquest, haha, the address is '1 Broadway | Kingston, NY 12401'. See this link for map of the area.


The actual parking lot is on E Strand Street. The lobster at the restaurant is great, so bring your bibs! Haha-We'll hopefully have people coming from as far as Minneapolis!

But we need firm committers. So set the date aside, and be there. Bring your hats, contact info, and cameras! Also, should your BMW get dirty, there is a great Hoffman car wash only miles away! Should be casual dress, but restaurant isn't flip flop material-fyi!

So, at long last, the moment of truth. Welcome to the start of a reigning group; the 'Summer7's'.

Hope to see you there.

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