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BMW E39 custom navigation and BC control

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Hello everyone. Please can someone tell me, if it is possible that when I install Android Navi instead of Mid Panel or original Navi, can I be able to reset data like consumpton, distance etc. ? :eeps:
Because, when I hold BC button on paw at steering wheel, it says "PROG" on instrument cluster. Is there any way how to reset, without disconnecting battery please?

Or does someone know what excatly android navi model it is? :)

I only know about Dynavin N6, but Dynavin isnt android and does not have so many functions as androd navi have. And the price is worse of dynavin. :bawling:

Thank you all for helping me out with this
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As far as i know. no 3rd party radio solution has an interface with the OBC for resetting consumption. in order to maintain this functionality one needs to retain the MID. most reroute it into the glove box.


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