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Hello all, happy new year.

I posted a while back about getting an e39 530d, but the deal never too place as the condition of the car was very poor upon further inspection. With the second baby on the way i put my eyes on importing from the uk a 2007-2009 E61 530d auto. The reason why 530d is because it does not exceed the CO2 limits for higher tax and it is punchy.

Unfortunately all the cars i am finding are with very high 130k, 140k...150k...etc...and to be honest I am a bit worried about reliability since the miles are very possibly corrosion or rust. I think something around 80k would be good right? Is it worth buying with high miles? or it is better to go for an F-series with mileage around the 70k?

The reason i dont want to spend a lot is that with 2 children the car will become a bit of a mess...and all the things you have to carry..etc..(example the stroller my wife bought is stainless steel...everywhere it touches or will damage! :cry: )

Any opinions please? :dunno:

Thank you.
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