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Hello, I'm wondering when we need to change the oil in the gearbox with the View attachment 1041108 valve body to case sleeve seal kit and when we need to change only oil and filter??? p. s can you edvise me, which filter is good? and after change the oil need gear box adaptation ???
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On your photo seal kit is – 1068298090
You can see the applicability in the ZF file attached.

In process to change these all seals, it is necessary to remove the valve body.
When removing and installing the valve body, it is necessary to follow the recommendations on the sequence of removal and tightening torque of the valve body bolts.
Not all services do it correctly, which can lead to a drop in pressure in the transmission and, as a result, to problems with gear shifting.

The total volume of oil capacity for transmissions of type 6hp19/21 and 6hp26/28/32 is approximately 8-10 liters.

The volume of oil to change (valve body seals, olipan/filter) and with oil level setting in the ZF transmission – 7 liters (partial oil change)

For a full oil change in the ZF transmission, there are two options:

1) Make two partial oil changes (recommended):

First replacement without changing the filter - only draining and filling oil with oil level setting (about - 4 liters)
|after 1000-2000km|
Second oil change with oil pan removal and filter replacement with oil level setting (about - 6 liters; with remove the valve body seals - 7 liters)
Waste products are settle in the old oilpan/filter.

2) Make oil changes by machine to supplant transmission fluid under pressure:
Replacement by machine, need more oil is required to flush the transmission (12-15 liters)
Waste products (metal shavings, wear particles of transmission parts) due to pressure can enter sensitive transmission components such as solenoids, valve body and leads to a malfunction.

About when we need to change oli in ZF transmissions (official information from Zf):

Automatic ZF transmissions are filled with our specially developed ZF-LifeguardFluid transmission oil. At very high operating temperatures, oil ages faster than under normal conditions. Depending on driving style (e.g. sporty driving or lots of high-speed drives), ZF Aftermarket therefore recommends a transmission oil change every 100,000 km or after 8 years at the latest.
!Depending on driving style!

We are the company
Kraft-AD having a lot of experience working with Zf transmissions, recommend to change oil/olipan/filter with valve body seals EVERY 60,000km regardless on driving style.
Practice shows that rubber seals and the physical properties of transmission oil deteriorate over time (usually 4-6 years)

Zf transmissions are self-adapting, so there is no need to make an adaptation after changing the oil.


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