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Which would you go for?

  • JOM Bluelines

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Hi, I'm on a tight budget for a set of coilovers. All i need is a real basic entry level but not too harsh. I'm not planning on going too low as it is a daily car (approx just enough to close the gap clean on my 19") I have 3 brands in my mind. (What you pay is what you get) I know there are reliable brands. But what about these?

JOM bluelines
FK AK streetlines
Stance+ Ultra

Can you give me any reviews about them please, and which one to go for. Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to Bimmerfest!

I moved your posting and poll to the E90 forum. I don't know why you posted it in the E21 forum, but no harm done.

Frankly, as nice as the E90s are, I wouldn't cheap out on the suspension. Big mistake IMHO.
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