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The BMW European Delivery wiki is dedicated to the memory of Yale Braunstein ("b-y"), 1945-2012.

  • Suggested Itineraries (Our philosophy: Finding smaller towns and rural regions that have a lot to offer is one of the best reasons for ED. European trains and and the large and mid-sized cities are enjoyable, but having one's own car is something special. The real adventure is just a little way off the beaten path.)
Additional Resources and Links
  • If you have any specific questions, take advantage of our European Delivery Discussion Forum!
  • BMW USA European Delivery Home Page
  • ViaMichelin is the mapquest equivalent for Europe!
  • If you like Google Maps, you should try out Google Germany! Routes can include other countries, too! Not only that, but the links provided below will automatically translate the text to English for you, in case you don't speak the native tongue.
  • Autobahn speed limit overview
  • Official Bimmerfest Neuschwanstein Castle Photo spot [1]
  • Nürburgring FAQ: Everything you need to know about the Ring & ED [2]
  • Cheap hotels - how to get a B&B (Pension - Zimmer Frei) for only 18€/p/n [3]
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