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Wondering what BMW's Dynamic Cruise Control is all about? Watch this video from BMW USA to learn how to activate and deactivate the Dynamic Cruise Control function to hold a set speed above 20mph.

Dynamic cruise control is an electronic cruise control system with an extra braking function. This also includes the Curve Speed Limiter that reduces the speed in curves for comfortable lateral acceleration. At the end of the curve the car accelerates and resumes the original speed. The driver can change this in increments of 1 or 10 km/h. Acceleration and deceleration in two dynamic settings can be controlled by manipulating the lever on the steering column or the paddle on the steering wheel.

Active Cruise Control
Not to be confused with the similarly named Dynamic cruise control, Active cruise control provides an even more comfortable driving experience. Not only does it maintain the desired speed, it also keeps the selected following distance. A radar sensor with a range of up to 200 m continually measures the distance between your vehicle and the cars in front of it. The sensor also detects if these vehicles are in the same lane as your vehicle or in another.
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