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hello guys, i have a 2014 bmw 750li and recently stumbled upon a very annoying problem with my car. after locking the car, sometimes (often and randomly) the alarm will start to panic as if someone is trying to break in. i have scanned for codes and only thing im showing is 801c10, 801c11, 801c12, and 800ed1(this last code there is zero info online about it) i have replaced the hood sensor, the battery in my key fob, and also i checked my car battery and voltage is good(12.16v not started) please help

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It might be a faulty door contact switch. You can read out what caused alarm activation and condition when alarm was activated using ISTA. Not sure about you tool
Thank you, would it be the door handle for keyless entry or it can be the main door harness plug?
thank you for reply, thats the wierd part becuase i checked and everything on the door works perfect and no glitches(mirror, window, keyless entry). also i would like to mention this car only has 53k miles and prevous owner babied it. its in prestige condition inside and out. today there was another fualt that came up - "battery discharging while stopped". also i have no issues with the power, the car starts up perfect no lags no sign of the battery struggling to output power.
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Thank you for the insight. I have had some previous cars before(not bmw) that have had a weak battery, and the symptoms were very transparent. With this f02, there are no symptoms. It starts great right away even if I play radio and keep lights on for 10 mins. I am assuming I get the error message bc I have stopped locking my car(don’t want to piss my neighbors off with the alarm going in full panic mode) and when I don’t lock the car, it goes into “shutdown” or “power save mode” so this is an endless cycle all due to a stupid alarm. Don’t know will keep digging. I wonder if anyone else had this issue before
Yes I am aware of the salvage title, I actually bought this one from the auction and fixed it myself. It had 44k miles and I had zero issues with it up until now. Also I thought it was the door handle, I changed it, and still the alarm would go off. So that can’t be the issue
The latch is what makes the circuit for the alarm and the car going to sleep , not the handle .
Oh wow I had no idea, ok I’ll try changing and I’ll come back for update
I actually work at an auto recycling yard, so it doesn’t cost me anything to try out different parts other than my time, and we happen to have a few parts cars just like mine. So I’ll change it over the weekend and see how it goes. There was no damage to passenger side other than the front end/front of fender. Previous owner hit a deer. Also as I’ve mentioned before, it can’t be “accident” related as I have put almost 10k miles on this car and only now I’m having issues with the alarm. More than likely an electrical component that took a crap for whatever reason
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