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Hi all!!

I have a F10 535i 2010/2011 (prod. date 2010/04), updated to the latest sw version (as far the dealer told me). I was using the bluetooth handsfree with my Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S2, and my Xperia X10, without any issue at all. Only phone, I don't have A2DP for streaming music (no combox).
A couple of weeks ago, I've buyed a Iphone 5c, with iOS 7. So, I deleted the S2 and X10 from the profile, and just left the S4 synched with the car. Next, I've synchronized the Iphone 5c to the car, and it worked without any problems. I even tested the voice quality without issues!!!
This was in the morning. So I went to my office, and left the car on the garage. After I came back (about 6 hours later), I realized that I didn't have any phone synchronized with my car.
When I go to the bluetooth screen, I didn't show any telephone on the list, and it shows that bluetooth was active. I tried to add a new phone, and the screen showed me the BMW ID for my car (so I can search it from my phone), but none of my phones could find the car using bluetooth. So I went home without bluetooth working.
The next day, when I turned on the car in the morning, I see that both phones (S4 and Iphone 5c) were on the list again. Tried to connect the S4, and it worked. As soon as I connected the Iphone, it also worked, but when I turned off the car again, I lost both telephones again, and neither one could find the car using bluetooth.
So, on the afternoon, when I turned on the car again and I could see the phones listed on the bluetooth screen, I've deleted the Iphone 5c from the profile, leaving just the S4 there.
Now, sometimes the bluetooth works, and sometimes it doesn't, even after I've deleted the Iphone 5c from the profile. I have a little more than 400 contacts on the phone, but I never had any problems with my car until I get this f*** Iphone 5c. I've even have a IPod connected full time to the car (using the Y cable) without any issue at all.

Anyone had seen a similar behavior? could this be a software problem on the BMW side? maybe a bug triggered with the IPhone?

I have experience with E-Sys, and I have everything to code/diagnose the car (I've coded some stuff like sport display, trunk close, etc), if anyone wants more information about this problem....


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