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Hi, I have had a BMW most of my adult life, and have just become old enough last year to drive a 5 series (60).

I have found it a very comfortable vehicle, though I did find it a bit long in carparks!

Pedestrian protection system warning light came on today, for no known reason, so that prompted me to look stuff up on this forum, and I was delighted with the explanation.

So I am off to a BMW garage next week, but as I am working F/T it's a bit of a drag.

In the 30 years or so I have driven BMW 3 series models, mostly 3L 6 cylinder petrol engines, these? green diesel engines are just not the business, so I am back to buying a petrol car next time.

Amazingly diesel isn't so GREEN after all. Lol:):thumbdwn:

Anyway all best wishes to colleagues who obviously feel as I do that BMW make the best cars in the world.
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