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Hi guys im almost finished repairing on a 2015 f11 520d luxury

Great car only 16k on clock outside is fully rapaired only 1 airbag to replace now yay

Now i replaced a bmw xenon headlight with a replacement from eurocarparts its a "hella" unit

During fitting i swapped the tms module balasts bulbs etc to the new headlight and now the halo or eyebrow led dont light up also have sidelight/daytime runner error on dash

Headlight beam works and auto level ok

Just no halo

Will this need coding as its a hella unit ? Im baffled

If so is there any tech wizzards local to merseyside who can help me

Beer tokens in return

Thanks in advance guys

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Likely needs coding and or programming to inject CAFD.
Start with E-sys and Read SVT. See if CAFD present for both LMH/TMS.
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