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BMW F20 automatic transmission retrofit

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Hello guys,

Just bought a F20 with manual transmission from 2014, at a very good price, with intense to use some money and make it automatic. I will start to ask not to offer me sell manual and buy auto, because here in Denmark we have enormous taxes on the cars, and auto vs manual has a price difference starting from 10k+ euro. So retrofitting can actually pay off. I know all the parts that needs to be exchanged and it will be not more than 1500 euro in total. I have already found used gearbox for 230 euro, with 53t km on clock. All labor I can do myself. The only question is coding. I have done another retrofits like navigation, clusters and so on... Everything was just smooth. But I am a bit skeptic about gearbox will be not so easy to make play. I do not believe that it will be like remove manual, add auto tranny to FA and VO code DDE and other ECU's.
I have found many thread about people swapping auto to manual on E-series, but absolutely 0 about manual to auto. Maybe someone has some info about such a swap codewise? Any help is appreciated. :)
As an additional question, maybe at least someone knows, from which ECU, ISTA reads information about vehicle? (color, transmission type, left/right hand drive...)
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Did you manage to swop the tranny's?
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