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I gotta admit I'd always considered BMW a beemer yuppie car until I lived in Germany 2008-2009. Thought MB was the shizz but was quickly informed by the locals that BMW was it and MB considered old school. Visited BMW Welt in Munich and loved what I saw (just a couple of U-Bahn train stops away).

Since moving back I've spent two years trying to decide what to buy. Wanted on-demand luxury with the excitement that only a sports car can deliver. Living in Texas means the emphasis is on the former but I will be driving to Colorado, Georgia, Tenn and other places where the sport will be more fun. Drove CTS-V, MB, A5/S5, Jaguar. No Lexus or Infinity. Lex is too much about luxury and there are as many of them in my neighborhood as hot sunny days. Infinity was a contender with G37S.

Last car evaluated was the Bimmer. I'd seen the 2010 5-series on the roads here and visually it just didnt appeal to me so did not drive one. Then I happened to swing past the BMW dealer and saw the 2011 style. Loved it from the outside. Looked inside and initially I was disappointed only in that the curvy dash over the previous NAV display had been removed. Then I sat in one and immediately liked everything. Got it on the road and uttered the word that had as yet not passed my lips in other cars - WOW ! I loved it as much as I loved my first Franziskaner :beerchug:

I bought one. Should be in this coming week. Cant wait, and glad to have found a brotherhood of like minded people. Guess i'm an official Bimmer.
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