Geneva is just around the corner and automakers are vying to dominate the news cycle. BMW's latest bid? This teaser image of an 8 Series that appears to have four doors.

The 8 Series, though not yet publically released, is kind of old news now, having even raced at Daytona earlier this year.

Rumors have been flying around about a 8 Series concept making its debut at the Geneva Motor Show, but so far we've only been able to guess at what the concept might be.

It was suggested that BMW would lop the top off its 8 Series for the show, but now it seems clear that the Bavarians were instead planning to add a set of doors.

And the results actually look pretty good. Automakers, especially German ones, have been racing to have the most four-door coupes (I know that's kind of an oxymoron, please direct your comments to BMW and its competitors) and mostly with success.

Stay tuned.
More to come in Geneva next week.

- BMW (@BMW) February 28, 2018
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Sharing something in common with the erstwhile Aston Martin Rapide, BMW has managed to elongate the sloping roofline without deforming it, and the duck tail spoiler looks just about right.

What it looks like as a real car, fully lit we'll have to wait until next week to see, but so far we're willing to entertain BMW's indecisive door-count.