BMW is looking to flesh out its electric lineup and much like it does today, it will borrow from MINI to make its smallest models.

The BMW i1, according to Spain's, will come out in the next few years based on the same platform as the MINI Cooper Electric. Although the report didn't confirm when the i1 would debut, we do know that the Cooper Electric is slated for arrival in 2019--so probably after that.

The platform only uses one motor--as opposed to the two that are offered in many high-end electrics--and is good for a range of 180 miles.

The good news here is that it sounds like BMW is still working on cars, since the brand went ahead and protected the iX1 through iX9 nameplates. As a result, we expect SUVs and crossovers to use the X, with passenger cars, like the i1, to omit it.

The report jives with earlier reports that threw into question the future of the i3 and i8. Built on unique platforms, BMW said that it wasn't sure whether or not these cars would continue. A platform-sharing i1 would work as a more affordable way for BMW to cover its electric bases.