BMW isetta inspired micro ev

The BMW Isetta is a little know BMW product from the 1950 that is credited with pulling the at the time ailing company out of financial trouble. The design was Italian with a BMW motorcycle engine providing the power.

The new car, called the Microlino, is modeled after the BMW Isetta using it's iconic bubble shape and small size to make the perfect as a modern urban car. Powered by a 15-kilowatt electric motor and 11-kWh of lithium ion batteries the new version sports a full EV power train.

Displayed at the Geneva Motor Show in 2016 the micro EV was a huge hit. The 500 person waiting list booked up in just 13 days. The production schedule and final propulsion specs will be developed closer to the 2018 on sale date. If you want to get one get on the waiting list now.