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Reverse Logic offers chassis specific jack pad tools for BMW vehicles with integrated vehicle jack pockets in the jack points. Over the last 15 years or so BMW has used at least 20 different jack point part numbers across the range of vehicles. Fortunately, the length of the pockets in the jack points are one of two sizes (except for the Z3 which is slightly shorter).

The pictures of the E82 and E88 jack points show the 1mm difference in the length of the pockets. Initially, only the E88 and E93 convertibles used the jack point with a shorter pocket. But recently, BMW has been using the E88 jack point in many of its new models.

In the past, the Reverse Logic BMW jack pad tool was offered only in the longer length which pretty much fit all the chassis except for the 1-Series and 3-Series convertibles. We accommodated customers who needed the shorter tool by milling the block to a shorter length. But now that more and more of the BMW chassis are using the jack point with a shorter pocket we changed our approach. Both our R50 and E88 tools use the same size block. The Silicone plugs are inserted into a hole in the block. The hole in the E88 tool is deeper which effectively shortens the length of the block. We use a black Silicone plug in the R50 tool and a red Silicone plug in the E88 tool so that the two tools can be easily identified.

The Silicone plugs provide a friction fit so that the tools can be hung from the jack point while a floor jack in maneuvered into place. The hanging feature is also useful with a four arm lift since it is easier to align the arms with the jack point if the jack pad tools are held captive in the jack point.

Reverse Logic also offers a less expensive tool, MV52-30-19 for customers who prefer a tool that does not hang from the jack point.!/~/category/id=4591507&offset=0&sort=nameAsc


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