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BMW M cars vs. Mercedes AMG cars

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In Motor trend's latest issue (Apr '02), there is an interesting comparison test that pits the BMW M cars against their AMG counterparts

Here are the lineups:

1) M5 vs E55
2) M Roadster vs SLK32
3) M3 vs CLK55
4) X5 4.6is (not really an M, but they included it) vs. ML55

They choose the M car over the AMG car in all four matchups (even the non-M X5 :D ), a clean sweep! :thumb:

I know Motor Trend isn't the most objective magazine, but I still found it interesting that they didn't give any of the AMG versions the nod... :)
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ALEX325i said:
AMG cars are nice... But NO manual tranny? What's up with that? I actually like the CLK55 (the CLK is the only MB I like), and I wouldn't mind having one :D, but there's no way I'll buy a sports car without manual tranny... Maybe one day (in the distant future)...
A friend of mine actually just took delivery of his CLK55 a few weeks ago. It's a beautiful and fast car for sure, but the $80K price tag makes it hard to justify, especially when the M3's performance is similar for $20K less. In fact, in the Motor Trend comparison, they liked both cars so much that it came down to that price difference when choosing the winner.

The lack of a manual tranny in the AMG bugs me too because buyers are paying that huge premium over the regular versions to get the extra performance and the slushbox just dilutes it... :thumbdwn:
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