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BMW M cars vs. Mercedes AMG cars

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In Motor trend's latest issue (Apr '02), there is an interesting comparison test that pits the BMW M cars against their AMG counterparts

Here are the lineups:

1) M5 vs E55
2) M Roadster vs SLK32
3) M3 vs CLK55
4) X5 4.6is (not really an M, but they included it) vs. ML55

They choose the M car over the AMG car in all four matchups (even the non-M X5 :D ), a clean sweep! :thumb:

I know Motor Trend isn't the most objective magazine, but I still found it interesting that they didn't give any of the AMG versions the nod... :)
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Re: the real reason the X5 4.6 is not a "M"

OJ330i said:

The reason they didn't badge it as a "M" is because its all-wheel drive. I think someone asked this to a BMW exec. and that was their answer. Something about how true sports cars are all rear wheel drive. The same answer was given about if they were going to make an AWD M5 to compete with the new Jag S-type-type R. The Exec's responce to the crowd was "Does anyone want an AWD M5?" and no one answered.
The S-type is not AWD, in either the base incarnation or the R version. It's the X-Type R that will be AWD.

The lack of a manual tranny in the S-type R (and in all the AMG cars) would prevent me from buying one, though in truth Mercedes' six-speeds are so unpleasant to use that they do not really qualify as manual trannys, IMHO.

If it had a stick, though, the S-type R would be a formidable contender.
Re: Re: BMW M cars vs. Mercedes AMG cars

The HACK said:

No stick shift means it's a poseur for the crown. Noticed Porsche 911 turbos up to this iteration does not even offer an automatic transmission? Ferrari's and Lambo's NEVER offered automatic transmissons. BMW ///Ms never come with automatic transmissions.
I agree with your sentiment, but the E36 M3 was offered with an automatic transmission in each of its body styles.
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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