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BMW M cars vs. Mercedes AMG cars

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In Motor trend's latest issue (Apr '02), there is an interesting comparison test that pits the BMW M cars against their AMG counterparts

Here are the lineups:

1) M5 vs E55
2) M Roadster vs SLK32
3) M3 vs CLK55
4) X5 4.6is (not really an M, but they included it) vs. ML55

They choose the M car over the AMG car in all four matchups (even the non-M X5 :D ), a clean sweep! :thumb:

I know Motor Trend isn't the most objective magazine, but I still found it interesting that they didn't give any of the AMG versions the nod... :)
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AMG cars are nice... But NO manual tranny? What's up with that? I actually like the CLK55 (the CLK is the only MB I like), and I wouldn't mind having one :D, but there's no way I'll buy a sports car without manual tranny... Maybe one day (in the distant future)...
Re: Re: Re: BMW M cars vs. Mercedes AMG cars

While I don't agree on the whole auto vs manual thing, I do agree that people who can't drive/don't want/don't feel comfortable driving a manual should have an auto tranny option...

But the gripe with AMG is that auto is the only option... :tsk:

Call me crazy, but I enjoy my manual tranny even more in heavy traffic :dunno: :thumb:

It's sad that people do all those things you mentioned while driving... :tsk: :mad: Sorry, but IMHO, whoever gets auto tranny just so they can do ANY of those things while driving, should lose their licenses...


I don't believe manual trannies will disappear... Heck, even the CTS offers it now...

Dan said:

Sorry, Hack, but I have to disagree with you on this one. The E55 is a true sports sedan, even with the auto. Every car magazine that has tested the E55, including Car & Driver, Road & Track, Automobile and AutoWeek have declared it to be a true sports sedan, and an excellent one at that. True, it loses out to the M5, but so does everyone else.

Here are my thoughts on auto v. manual: I learned how to drive on a manual, and I think that the skill required to operate a manual transmission correctly is lacking in the majority of today's drivers, most of whom learned how to drive on an automatic. However, I think people should drive what they like. The inability to operate a manual does limit a driver's sporting abilities, but does not prevent one from driving in a sporting manner.

As far as the future of the manual, I am afraid that it will slowly go the way of the dinosaur. Not because of the advances in automatic transmissions, but because of massive traffic congestion, ever-increasing commute times, gridlock at all hours of the day and night in major metropolitan areas and the fact that most people eat, drink, talk on the phone and do many other stupid things in their cars besides paying attention to driving.
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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: BMW M cars vs. Mercedes AMG cars

Oh, great... I wonder what people will do while driving now... :eek: :yikes: :eeps:

Alex Baumann said:

No worries :) Car manufacturers are working on voice control systems for the next generation cars. There was a very interesting program on TV a few months ago. They showed a prototype BMW (E46) fully loaded with voice control system. The driver was controlling almost everything with voice commands, from the wipers to the windows, NAV, radio, A/C etc.
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