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BMW M cars vs. Mercedes AMG cars

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In Motor trend's latest issue (Apr '02), there is an interesting comparison test that pits the BMW M cars against their AMG counterparts

Here are the lineups:

1) M5 vs E55
2) M Roadster vs SLK32
3) M3 vs CLK55
4) X5 4.6is (not really an M, but they included it) vs. ML55

They choose the M car over the AMG car in all four matchups (even the non-M X5 :D ), a clean sweep! :thumb:

I know Motor Trend isn't the most objective magazine, but I still found it interesting that they didn't give any of the AMG versions the nod... :)
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Re: Re: BMW M cars vs. Mercedes AMG cars

The HACK said:

No stick shift means it's a poseur for the crown.


if a car wants to be a true sports car/sedan it NEEDS to have a stick shift. PERIOD.
In the above, do you define SMG as a "stick shift?"
I don't think a manual transmission means all that much in the grand scheme of things. There's a small group of people that find it essential, and that group is getting smaller every day.
I disagree... and in fact, an article (NY Times?) was posted here recently discussing the resurgence of popularity for manual trannies.

Does anyone *really* think that in 25 years manual transmissions will be anything but a niche, additional-cost option preserved by only a few select manufactuters?
No, but only because the internal combustion engine is going to go away. As long as the ICE is around, manuals will be around. We've had automatic transmissions since WWII... that was 60 years ago, and we still have stick shifts!

There's an ineffable attitude that I think defines what it means to be a driving enthusiast that surpasses the number of pedals you have
Honestly, I think you can be a driving enthusiast and still drive an automatic transmission. But a standard-driving enthusiast is just a little more enthusiastic. :D

It's a matter of control, and being at one with the workings of the machine. No slushbox can approach the level of control that you get from a stick... it's just not possible. It can guess what you want, and make good guesses, based on all sorts of factors, but at the end of the day, they're still guesses. There's no guesswork with a stick.

It's kind of a tongue-in-cheek sport to pick on slushies... kind of like picking on the French... but all that is mainly just good natured ribbing. If you're happy with an automatic, more power to you, I say. Enjoy! I just know I have yet to find an equation that makes that compromise to the driving experience worth it for me.
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Re: Re: Re: Re: BMW M cars vs. Mercedes AMG cars

The HACK said:

Yes. SMG does not have a torque converter, and besides the electronically actuated clutch mechanizm, all the principles and mechanics behind the SMG is identical to that of a stick shift.
Thought so. Just wanted to give you the opportunity to clarify. :thumb:
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