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BMW M cars vs. Mercedes AMG cars

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In Motor trend's latest issue (Apr '02), there is an interesting comparison test that pits the BMW M cars against their AMG counterparts

Here are the lineups:

1) M5 vs E55
2) M Roadster vs SLK32
3) M3 vs CLK55
4) X5 4.6is (not really an M, but they included it) vs. ML55

They choose the M car over the AMG car in all four matchups (even the non-M X5 :D ), a clean sweep! :thumb:

I know Motor Trend isn't the most objective magazine, but I still found it interesting that they didn't give any of the AMG versions the nod... :)
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yeah the S4 beats the US E36 M3 but how about the euro E36 M3. I guess that's what the RS4 is for.

TD330ci said:
Why not compare the C32 to the M3?

More direct I think.

The CLK55 costs sooooo much more and the C32 is faster. I think the C32 even outruns the M3. :yikes:

Would never have one because of the auto only, but that thing is FAST!!

Can't wait to see what Audi does with the new S4.

Sucked when the current S4 was new, it beat the E36 M3 in one of these comparo's. The M3 needs revenge!! :thumb:
So how much is the RS4 converted into US currency? Only reason why I don't like it is because it's a wagon.

OJ330i said:

Yeah, this is very true. Until the E46 M3 they did have 2 different engines in the M3. The US version (240HP) and the Euro (320HP). The RS4 still blows both of them away. One blew past me on the autobahn when I was doing about 145mph in my Contour SVT. It was a RS4 avant (wagon), he had to be doing at least 155-160.
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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