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BMW M is launching the new BMW-M.com as the online home of the dynamic BMW sub-brand. The website will provide exciting brand and product content with fascinating insights into development and technology, as well as an exclusive community for all drivers of BMW M and BMW M Performance automobiles. The launch of the new website will be accompanied by a major digital campaign.

"The new BMW-M.com is our central international contact point for the BMW M brand. We are addressing a broad audience, ranging from potential customers to fans to owners of M vehicles," explains Peter Quintus, Vice President Sales and Marketing BMW M GmbH. "In this way, we will be able to reach a large, international target group and continue the growth trajectory of BMW M GmbH."

Extraordinary content and emotional products.

The website follows a clear, intuitively logical structure: The BMW M Magazine provides an exciting glimpse into the world of BMW M, while one-pagers introduce the BMW M models, BMW Individual and BMW Driving Experience events. The exclusive M Community area offers additional content and functions for M drivers.

The new website uses a modern layout with large-format images and clearly-structured content tiles. The responsive design has been optimised to reflect the increasing use of mobile devices for media viewing.

The BMW M Magazine publishes several new articles per week, with exciting content and information relating to BMW M. It starts out with 40 articles for the launch of the new BMW-M.com. A wide range of different topics are covered, from vehicle design highlights to interactive video tutorials on product features to exclusive interviews and responses directly from BMW M GmbH development.

The BMW M models themselves are described in detail on their respective one-pager. Technical tiles provide information on performance, technology and product features. Elaborate 3D renderings allow the BMW M engines to be inspected from all angles. The obligatory sound check with original audio recordings of engine sounds and five plus-points for each model round off the emotional positioning.

The new BMW-M.com not only serves as the gateway to the world of BMW M, but also as a platform for uniting M drivers around the globe. From summer 2017, all owners of a BMW M or BMW M Performance automobile will be able to access an exclusive community area by entering their vehicle number. Here, they can create a profile, park their M vehicles in the virtual garage and communicate with other M fans in the forum or via chat. All members also have the opportunity to participate in exclusive dialogue formats with BMW M GmbH experts.

m website

BMW-M.com. "Where too much is just right".

The launch of the new BMW-M.com will be accompanied by a far-reaching online campaign: https://www.bmw-m.com/TOO-MUCH

"The idea of the campaign is quite pure. M cars are polarising - BMW M is non-conformist, unconventional and always has its own style. For some people this may seem 'irrational', but it is precisely this passion that makes the BMW M brand so inimitable and unique to its fans," according to Dominique Gargiulo, head of Marketing Communications BMW M, BMW Individual, MotoGP.

The new BMW-M.com presents itself as a future meeting place for like-minded people. The slogan "The all-new BMW-M.com. Where too much is just right." fits this approach perfectly.

The campaign will initially get underway with a series of online films. From a father teasing his son, a likeable wedding guest running a little late or a BMW M4 GTS with a built-in roll cage that makes it less than ideal for a mother-in-law's taxi-ride, the films provide a playful insight into the character of BMW M. https://youtu.be/57H0c0JW0tM

In addition to original storytelling, BMW M is relying on the organic reach of its fans. The central element here are the M statements. These are visuals with a large centrally-positioned line of text, such as "[too loud]". The text takes a comment about M automobiles and turns it into a compliment. What is too loud for some is precisely what appeals to BMW M fans. The campaign employs many variations on this theme for its social media communications. Further examples include "[too complicated]", "[too powerful]" and "[too low]". https://youtu.be/dyPzwLll5No

From early June, fans will be able to share their own pictures with various "M statements" via social networks. The campaign will achieve additional distribution via #BMWM in this way.

"With our BMW-M.com online communications, we are showing how creative storytelling with humorous content can attract people from social networks," explains Lothar Schupet, head of Sales Management, Marketing and Exclusive Customer Care BMW M GmbH. "The new BMW-M.com and our fresh, young campaign form the ideal basis for us to reach out to new target groups and help BMW M continue to grow."