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BMW M5 Competition Package vs BMW M4 Competition Package

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BMW M5 Competition Package vs BMW M4 Competition Package, M5 CP 4.4 L V8 Twin Turbocharged AWD, 612 bhp & 750 nm vs M4 CP 3.0 L Inline 6 Twin Turbocharged RWD, 444 bhp & 550 nm.
Which one you like most?
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I’m not into land yachts so ///M4

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The last time I was BMW shopping, I was thinking about an F10 M5 to replace my E46 M3. The E90 M3/4 was out of production by then. I did a two day test drive... the M School at Spartanburg. On the tight "training track" at Spartanburg, the M5 was too big and too powerful. Everybody in the class there was glad to get back into the E90's. I wanted a big car, but I decided to get a 535i instead, saving $50k, and having the ability to carry a compact spare tire.

I later went to a few Advanced M Schools at VIR and Road Atlanta. The M5's and M6's really made more sense on the "real" race tracks. They'd make an extra 20 MPH on Road Atlanta's back dog-leg. But, they still felt "weak kneed" compared to the smaller M's, and they were melting tires at Road Atlanta in late-June. There were a lot of M5 owners at the advanced schools, and many of them said they wished they'd got an M3 instead. One of the participants was a retired NASCAR Cup driver. You'd think that if anybody would prefer thumping around in a 600+ h.p., 4500 pound tank, it'd be him. But, even he preferred the M3/4's. Although, he said he'd like that big V8 crammed into the F80/82 M3/4's.

One of the events at the school at Road Atlanta was taking M5's on the go-kart track there. 600+ h.p., 4500 pounds on a go-kart track... What could possibly go wrong?
M4 starting to look at a 2020. Lease on 440 runs out next year.
Another solid clip. Climbing outta my 2017 M3 ZCP in a couple months and considering the M4 since pretty much only game in town. Still liking that SO?? It's between that and BSM (Quiet), let me know if you have a spare moment. Anything else would be appreciated, thanks Bro!
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