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Happy New Year to everyone. I wanted to get opinions if possible on my BMW M5 2006. Its currently at BMW Bellevue and after running diagnostic tests, the Vanos lines (banks) and the Oil pump needs replacement. I was quoted $8,800 not including $596.00 for the 3 hours of testing.


1. If I ordered the parts is it possible to find someone else “outside” of BMW dealership to install them and fix my car for less than $8,800?

2. How much do the parts normally costs outside of the dealership?

3. If I have Vanos and Oil Pump replaced and brand new will I be able to recover any of the costs if I were to turn around and sell it? i.e. Would the value of my car increase due to someone else “potential buyer”, “dealership” not having to worry about Vanos and Oil pump issues?

Any feedback ASAP would be greatly appreciated as I have to let BMW know of my decision this afternoon. Thanks
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