Good news for fans of EVs and performance cars, BMW's M division has taken an interest in electricity. BMW has confirmed that it will make an M version of the all-electric i4.

Although BMW is promising that it won't cannibalize the M4's audience, it will need some pretty impressive performance figures to outpace the i4. Tipped to be revealed before the year's end, the i4 will reportedly make around 523 hp and hit 60mph in about 4 seconds.

Speaking to Australia's Car Advice, Markus Flasch, CEO of BMW M, said that the i4 M will be a rung below the M3 and M4. So, perhaps more like the M430i, then. He said, though, that this isn't being done to protect the M3/4, but rather because BMW simply doesn't have the battery tech that would it allow it to make a competitor without compromising range.

"On the high-performance battery-electric technology, there is still some time that we need until technology is ready and can take it on with an existing high-performance car, like an M3 or Ma4," said Flasch. "This will take some more time, but we're working on that."

In the meantime, BMW won't simply do nothing. Flasch also promised Car Advice, that some high-performance hybrids were coming, though he was tight-lipped with further details.

Following the i4 M's unveiling next year, BMW will be "working on hybrid electrified performance and high-performance cars, but it is too early to disclose which ones it is going to be."