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I think, this guy breaks all the records. This is one of the most ultimative BMW I have ever seen.

Here you go.


Here's a sneak view of the interior :)

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I believe this was in an older issue of some audio magazine (the name escapes me at the moment, but I'll find out). It's an E36 M3 and the guy who did the mods did it to show off his companies new line of Alpine products. I believe it took him almost a full year to do all of the modifications (inside and out). It is an amazing car! I believe the only thing stock on the interior is the headliner.
Dooh! I just saw the link on the bottom of Alex's post. So everything I just said is in the actual article. Double Doh! :tsk:
Thats amazing!! The instrument cluster is in the middle which is a little...odd. Any exterior pics??

Doh - never mind, found the link...
Try the link 'BMW' in my first post.
geomax said:
Any exterior pics??
that car is insane...very nice looking car.
Seems excessive, but everything is well done. There is nothing that doesn't fit. One of the things that bothers me a lot about many heavily modded cars is that they look like they were slapped together. Half the time, the parts don't even fit properly. It's pathetic. This is what modding should be, which is not to say that I think it makes sense, or that i would ever do something this insane. :p
Its a pretty well-known car in SoCal. I've seen it in person several times, and as a showcase car (its not meant to be driven, really), its very well done.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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