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hello everyone!
I have 97 328i, bought it 2 months ago, looks great, runs great. Had it inspected from Valley BMW here in Roanoke, told me engine was in good condition but drive belts, camshaft sensor, thermostat, steering tie rod and hoses needed replacement. After i got this done, the very next day i had the engine temperature indiacator going wild, so i took it back and they said it was probably coz of air pockets, they took care of that. But now the check engine light is on and after diagnosing they say its the O2 sensor. I can test the O2 sensor myself at home, but at the sametime now I am doubting the diagnosis results given by these guys. Are these guys reliable? Is there any other place in this area which is reliable and won't cost me a fortune for my future repairs? So far i have observed that labor costs are equal to the part costs, is that the case for most of the parts i have mentioned above?
all your help is appreciated!
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