Automakers love to talk about how their cars will have over-the-air updates and the consequences of that are coming to light. At a VR presentation streamed from Germany today, BMW outlined the functions that its BMW Operating System 7 will be capable of, including subscription-based features.

The automakers aims to turn a number of options into software services. Everything from safety systems like adaptive cruise control and automatic high-beams to options like heated seats. So that’s why our buttons disappeared and fled into the infotainment system.

Options will be enabled via the new My BMW app, will average 1GB in size, and will allegedly take about 20 minutes to download. I can’t wait for the lag on my heated seat input to start happening after I’ve downloaded too many apps.

Details on cost and terms are still scant, but BMW representatives offered examples of terms that could last as little as three months. Presumably, the thinking is that some people may only want to pay for their heated seats, say, in the coldest three months of the year.

I can see the ad now, an attractive 20-something person gets ready for a date, throws on a coat—stops themselves. Wait, it’s cold out! They take out their phone, open the My BMW app and download heated seats then rush out the door. The app downloads just in time for their passenger to have a warm seat. “The My BMW app. Just in time. Just for when you need it.”

The move takes the same approach that BMW tried when it asked customers to pay for limited-time access to wireless Apple CarPlay. The company quickly scrapped the program after it was called price gouging, but it still seems to be interested making a go of it.

The problem is that although attractive, given the lower initial price tag, systems like these are almost exclusively designed to cost you more. They almost invariably benefit the seller and disfavor the customer. There may be some people who actually save money under such a scheme, like I’m sure someone has made money at a casino, but the fact remains the system is fundamentally set up to free people of their money.