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I have a 2001 BMW X5 4.4, and I getting slippage after driving for 30min to an hour in stop and go traffic, or maybe 45 min of constant highway driving. I would then have to stop because it only functions in first and second gear. About five minutes or so after stopping, the truck is back to normal with all gears functional. I got it diagnosed from a mechanic, and it pushed out a P0740 code. From my reading, it looks like a torque converter code, but here is my concern. This transmission was replaced at 91k, and it now has 151K - so roughly 60K has been put on the transmission - no more warranty on the trans, and I was told by BMW that the torque converter was also replaced. Is it possible, something else could be tripping this code like a faulty solenoid, regulator, or trans leakage? I can't even imagine needing another trans replacement - your thoughts.

Also, I read an answer to a trans oil leak - another issue similar to mine. Is there a way to truly be able to determine that it is not the gasket? I have a diagnostic appointment with the dealer on Saturday 8-18-12 - your thought on both concerns.
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