The pandemic has been a boon time for sim racing. So it should come as no surprise that BMW has unveiled a race rig concept for the not-quite-so-jetset-anymore. Best of all, the race wheel works in a real M4 GT3 race car.

The wheel, made by Fanatec, works just like a normal race wheel whose quick-release function helps drivers get in and out of the car. So why not allow owners to use at home, too.

The wheel is being made to celebrate not just the release of the M4 GT3 race car in real life, but its recent availability on iRacing. The simulator reportedly leans on 70 gigabytes of data collected from the real world car to make it as realistic a simulation as possible.


So, once you step out of the GT3 race car and into your BMW Fusion SL sim rig, the only way you should be able to tell them apart is the cat attacking your leg mid-corner.

Better yet, the rig actually doubles as a coffee table so that when it's not being used, it can be folded out of the way. As a sim racer myself, this is highly appreciated. Although the design of the chair and table are attractive, the design wouldn't exactly go with my decor. But maybe rich people can afford more avant-garde furniture.


"The 'Fusion SL' concept combines the best of two worlds," said Michael Scully and his BMW Designworks team. "It is not necessarily intended to replace the high-end sim rigs used by professionals. Our goal was rather to make sim racing and the hardware required attractive for new target groups - and, to be honest, their fellow occupants.

This being a concept, there is no price associated with it yet, but I do hope they put this into production. Although it would likely be wildly expensive, this makes a lot more sense to me than an ugly golden roller bag with a giant M logo on the side.