BMW has unveiled a quartet of new driving courses that it is introducing to its BMW Performance Driving Center West, in Thermal, California. The courses will run the gamut from basic track experience all the way up to race licensing to get you into IMSA.

The programs start at $2,795 and for that you essentially get an open lapping day with up to 15 other participants. Although you don't come out of it with a racing license, you do get experience in the M4 GT4, which competes in the GT4 category. Its 3.0-liter inline-six makes more than 430 hp. Really, though, the highlight is the legit aero and the racing slicks that'll help get you around Thermal lickety-split.

If you're interested in more laps and coaching, though, you can buy up to 250 miles of lapping, as well as professional coaching with data and video analysis for $10,000. A half-day version is available for $5,000.

All three courses come with at the use of a racing suit and helmet as well as lunch and if the courses really take your fancy, then for another $2,500 you can add a race license school to your education.

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