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Selling the following. ALl in excellent condition, most never used and is brand new. Will fit a BMW X5 years 2000 - 2006 1. BMW X5 Non-Smoker Storage Tray This non-smoker tray transforms the ashtray into a convenient additional storage compartment for keys, coins, etc. Just remove the ashtray and insert the tray. Some owners have beem known to install the little lens from the ashtray on the storage tray to provide night illumination. Good idea! - $10
2. BMW X5 All Weather Floor Mat Set (black) Set of front and rears - $65

3. BMW X5 Luggage Compartment Rubber Mat - $50

4. BMW Coat Hanger Positioned to help reduce the vision obstruction typically caused by hanging of garments in the rear, this accessory mounts to the back of the driver's or passenger's seat headrest. (For safety, hanger should be removed whenever rear seat passengers are present). - $25

5. Dension IPOD Adapter - $80

6. BIMMIAN Real carbon fiber window pillars (4pcs) - $85

7. First AID kit secret compartment. Goes underneath pasenger seat. Can be used to hide valuables - $50

8. BMW Parcel tray with anti-slip mat - $65

email me at [email protected]

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