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Bmw x5 original radio install

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Well basicl i had a original bmw x5 stereo with the tape deck and radio in my x5 3.0i 2003... So i decided to replace it with a double din, one of these fake chinese ones which i obviously never knew at the time that it was fake... So it started mucking up and stopped working, so basicly i want to install the original bmw x5 radio with the Business CD player... Im going to buy that off ebay and all i want to know is what wired etc will i need to make it work again and what wires will i need to make the steering wheel control work... Thanks in advance for replies :)L
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I'd psot this in the proper forum..this forum is the E39 M5 forum.

But truthfully, you are F'd...I'd say the odds of being able to attrack someone with the knowledge you needs, willing to figure out what you did to hack OUT the original radio, what was meesed up with the chinese thing, and now this unknown radio you are buying, will be zero.

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