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Bmw Z3 Non-m Supercharger

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I have a 2000 z3 2.3 with a VF supercharger kit. I have to take it off for smog and was considering doing an s54 swap so I was wondering if anyone was potentially interested and for how much. If somewhere around 3000-3500 is a possibility then I would more strongly consider doing the engine swap since I have a lot of other parts laying around as well. The supercharger kit has less than 5000 miles on it and is two years old. I think it should fit all non-m z3 6cylinders but you will probably have to get a new tune from VF. I can email them for more information in the future.

The supercharger is still on the car but I also have:

Koni yellows with less than 5k miles - the front right has a stuck adjuster tab the other 3 work I upgraded to kw's
Ground control Coilover conversions with 440/660 lbs springs
M-sport springs(maybe)(*15mm lower) - haven't verified but the car has the m-sport package with the lsd. Need to check part numbers. If not then I have a good condition set of springs.

If anyone is interested I can look into making an eBay post or something.

Also, does anyone know how much crashed e46 m3s go for? Can you get them for less than 7k?
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Interested. Located in VA and willing to pay for shipping or pick up if somewhat close. How do I get in contact with you?
I am still looking for a donor m3 since they are pretty hard to find. Since I have multiple people interested I will most likely create an eBay listing or something along those lines and post it here in due time. Although, it will most likely be in 1-3 months. This kit is $4500 new. I will most likely post it for around $3000(not sure yet). I will keep the forum thread posted on progress when I get an engine, etc. I think I have the original box laying around so I will get a quote from FedEx for shipping in the US. Sorry for the late response I wasn't getting email notifications for some reason.
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